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Dishwashing liquid, washing-up liquid, or dish soap is a detergent used for hand washing dishes. This article is a comparison of the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions (carbon footprints) of various dishwashing liquids. The products listed on this page have GHG emissions ranging from about 0.127 to 0.133 kg carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) per use.[1]

Carbon Footprint[edit]

GHG Emissions from dishwashing liquids
Product Carbon Footprint
per use
(kg CO2e)[1]
Tesco standard washing up liquid lemon 500 ml 0.127
Tesco antibacterial washing up lime & ginger 500 ml 0.132
Tesco antibacterial washing up liquid lavender 500 ml 0.132
Tesco washing up liquid lemon 500 ml 0.132
Tesco washing up liquid original 500 ml 0.133


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