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Disposable tableware includes items such as forks, spoons, cutlery, cups, and plates that are intended to be disposed of after a single use. This article is a comparison of the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions (carbon footprints) of various disposable tableware products. The disposable tableware products listed in WikiFootprints have GHG emissions ranging from about 0.009 to 0.26 kg carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) per item.[1]

Carbon Footprint[edit]

GHG Emissions from Disposable Tableware
Product Carbon Footprint
per item
(kg CO2e)[1]
Tesco Premium Plastic Plates Red 8pk 0.26
Tesco Red Tumblers 8pk 0.19
Tesco Plastic Bowls Clear 8pk 0.14
Tesco Value Plastic Cups 100pk 0.015
Tesco Silver Plastic Plate 20pk 0.075
Tesco 50cl Tumbler 16pk 0.055
Tesco Value Plastic Cups 25pk 0.017
Tesco Value Knives 25pk 0.015
Tesco Clear Cutlery 24pk 0.045
Tesco Value Forks 25pk 0.019
Tesco Value Spoons 25pk 0.02
Tesco Value Cutlery 24pk 0.017
Tesco Cutlery Cream 24pk 0.036
Tesco Value Teaspoons 50pk 0.009
Tesco Silver Cutlery 24pk 0.036
Tesco White Plastic Bowls 25pk 0.045
Tesco Wine Glasses 8pk 0.1
Tesco Champagne Flutes 8pk 0.11
Tesco Plastic Plates Clear 8pk 0.26
Tesco Plastic Bowls Red 8pk 0.14
Tesco Plastic Tumbler 12pk 0.19


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