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Pulses are the dried seeds of legumes. This article is a comparison of the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions (carbon footprints) of various products containing pulses. The products listed in WikiFootprints have GHG emissions ranging from 2 to 3 kg carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) per kilogram of product.[1]

Carbon Footprint[edit]

GHG Emissions from Pulses
Product Carbon Footprint per kg
(kg CO2e)[1]
Tesco Chick Peas 500g 2
Tesco Red Split Lentils 500g 2
Tesco Wholefoods Black Eye Beans 500g 2
Tesco Butter Beans 500g 3
Tesco Cannellini Beans 500g 3
Tesco Haricot Beans 500g 3
Tesco Red Kidney Beans 500g 3


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