Paper (office)

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Paper (Office)
Carbon Footprint
GHG Emissions Facts
Per 500 sheets (20# (75 gsm), 8½" x 11")
Total:4.25 kg CO₂e
4,250 gCO₂e
Water Use
Per 500 sheets (20# (75 gsm), 8½" x 11")
Total:160 L
42.24 USgal
 • Production:133 L
35.112 USgal

Paper (office) refers to 20 pound or 75 grams per square meter (gsm) size 8½" x 11" uncoated free sheet (ucf) paper. The environmental impact statistics on this page refer to one ream or 500 sheets of paper in paper packaging, unless otherwise stated. The life cycle GHG emissions from one ream of paper are 4.25 kg carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e). The total water use for a ream of paper is 160 L.[1]


At the paper mill 133 L of water is used in the manufacturing process for each ream of paper produced.


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