Liquid fuels

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Liquid fuels include combustible liquids that can be used to create mechanical energy. This article is a comparison of the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions (carbon footprints) associated with liquid fuels. The liquid fuel products listed here have median GHG emissions ranging from about 0 to 2.687 kg carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) per liter. This emissions information does not include the environmental impact of production and distribution. Additionally, the biofuel portion of fuels is not included in the environmental impact.

Carbon Footprint[edit]

Global Warming Potential of Liquid Fuels
Product Total (kg CO2e)
Biodiesel B100 (1 L) 0
Biodiesel B20 (1 L) 2.15
Diesel (1 L) 2.687
Gasoline (1 L) 2.359
Gasoline E10 (1 L) 2.123