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Apple TV devices are digital media players developed and sold by Apple Inc. The 4th generation device also has micro game console features. This article is a comparison of the environmental impact of Apple TV devices. It currently compares the carbon footprint, energy use and material use of the 3rd and 4th generation devices. For additional information and resources click on the product names to view detailed articles on each device.

Carbon Footprint[edit]

Product Total (kg CO2e) Production (kg CO2e) Distribution (kg CO2e) Usage (kg CO2e) End-of-life (kg CO2e)
Apple TV (3rd generation) 60 34 5 19 2
Apple TV (4th generation) 90 66 2 21 2

Energy Use[edit]

Product streaming HD movies (watts) streaming iTunes music (watts) sleep mode/standby (watts)
Apple TV (3rd generation)[1] 1.97 1.95 0.21
Apple TV (4th generation)[1] 2.25 2.08 0.33

Material Use[edit]

Product Aluminum (grams) Plastic (grams) Circuit boards (grams) Steel (grams) Other (grams) Paper Packaging (grams) Plastic Packaging (grams)
Apple TV (3rd generation) 90 109 44 14 13 164 3
Apple TV (4th generation) 257 102 85 6 22 477 6

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  1. 1.0 1.1 Energy usage is calculated from the average power consumed in 100 volt, 115 volt, and 230 volt modes.