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Welcome to WikiFootprints,
a compendium of product environmental impacts.
Contributors have made 303 product pages & 99 comparison pages.
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Diet Coke
Carbon Footprint
Emissions Facts
Per 330 mL aluminum can
Total:0.15 kg CO2e
Carbon Budget
Per person annual emissions

WikiFootprints is a free, openly editable, resource for including the environment in your decision to consume goods and services. Anyone can edit most articles and create new pages, expert knowledge is not required. Before you contribute, please take a moment to read the Guidelines for authors.

It is often difficult to obtain objective information about how a good or service effects our environment. The goal of WikiFootprints is to be a neutral compilation of facts about the impacts these goods and services have. With this information we can more easily include environmental factors in everyday purchasing decisions.

Information in WikiFootprints includes:

  • Carbon Footprints (greenhouse gas emissions)
  • Energy Use
  • Water Consumption
  • Material Use

The wiki primarily consists of two types of pages. The first type of page focuses on the impact of a good or service. These pages include a summary of how each stage of a product’s lifecycle from resource extraction to disposal effects the environment. The second type of page will offer a comparison of the impacts of a category of goods or services.

Example product articles:

Example comparison articles: